Sunday, 2 September 2018

ORIENT Electric event snippets

Gone are those days when FANS were just mere necessity. Today a fan holds the power to change the perspective of the entire home décor scenario. If one really wants to change the décor or renovate their houses they should definitely change their fans and see the huge difference it can actually make. And to give that classy edge to your décor Orient Electric has come up with the amazingly classy and super silent range the AERO series.

Recently (22.08.2018) they held a bloggers meet in the City of Joy, Kolkata to acquaint us with the super stylish range. The event started at around 11 which was then followed by a gala lunch. During the meet Mr. Atul Jain, Senior VP & Business Head of the Fans dept. welcomed us with warm greetings and then took over the event. He then went on to explaining the entire concept about the AERO range and how their company operates. He explained on how the Art meets Technology with their recent launch i.e. the AERO series. They have had a very strong presence in the market and they still happen to stand strong with their amazing marketing strategy. Mr. M.S Dhoni being their Brand Ambassador has made it possible for them to communicate the concept of their new range through successful ad campaigns. All the ad campaigns for this particular range were showcased at the event as well. It was one of a kind experience as Mr. Jain acquainted us with the whole idea of switching to smart classy fans to make an impact in the décor which none of us had actually thought of.

All and all it was a great event and the experience was amazing. I was glad to have attended the event as I could take home an advice which I plan on implementing the next time I change my décor.

Also I’ll be coming up with the review of the AERO series on the blog soon. Till then you can view the links mentioned below to get an insight.

Aerostorm :


Stay glued!


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