Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Class Apart ft. VREDE

When it comes to choosing outfits be it dresses, pants, jumpsuits or maybe even a blouse in that case I am very very particular about what I want. Like you guys already know I am a sucker for minimalism, I just look for pieces which catch my attention in the first go. And likewise I came across the brand VREDE and the collection that they had left me spell bounded. I couldn't really find anything which I did not love. And when I say that, you really need to trust me on that. And if you are still skeptical  about the same go check it out for yourself! Every piece is unique on its own, be it the cuts, the fall, the embellishments, everything has a different look out behind it. Something that speaks volume. Also if you are someone who is into more edgier stuff, worry not they have got you sorted as well. 

Here I have picked up an outfit which I was in complete awe with the moment I saw it. The off shoulder blazer dress was exactly what I had been longing for long. No OTT embellishment was a winner for me. I can keep going on and on about it but i'll leave it on you guys should to go check out their page on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM and trust me it'll definitely leave you wanting for more. 

If you are in Kolkata you can always visit their store or contact them here:  

Floor Four – 22 LEE Road Kolkata-20
Phone no: +919831142796

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Destination I Do ft. Levell 5

Have you ever been through the dilemma of choosing outfits for destination weddings?! I surely have and when it comes to your best friend's wedding or even your close relative's deciding on outfits becomes a task. I have always loved minimal (you surely know that by now don't you?) and when it comes to Indian wear I get a lot more fussier. When it comes to destination weddings you need to plan your outfits in such a way that it does not go overboard. For such weddings I prefer something which is hassle free and also classy at the same time. And I was surprised when I came across  Levell5 because the outfits there are absolutely amazing. Minimal to jazz, day to night whatever it is, it is sure to get your needs sorted. And if you happen to be tad bit on the heavier side they have a wide array of options for you guys as well. Also if you like an outfit which doesn't fit you fine, you can place an order with your measurements and it;s done. Awesome right?

Getting back to the post, I curated a look book for you guys of the outfits which I'd prefer for a destination wedding. And trust me the color palette and designs are such that you literally cannot wait for a D- wedding to get your hands on them!


I chose this emerald beauty because it serves the mehendi theme right and also because I absolutely love this color. One sided and free flowing silhouette makes it totally apt for a beach wedding and mehendi of course. Hassle free outfit option while you can have all the fun with your girl friends through out.


Chose this pink piece for the sangeet night. Just the right amount of gold work and a drape that makes the outfit stand out.


For the wedding day I chose a very different piece which is far away from the stereotype sarees and lehengas. I chose this off-shoulder dhoti style jumpsuit and paired it with a one sided cape. I love how it looks and it's like a fresh breeze of air. The color palette is something which I adorn. The peach cape with embroidered gold border is a break through and makes the entire outfit drool worthy. Plus points for being super comfortable because the night's incomplete without some crazy dancing.

Let me know what you think about the outfits, in the meanwhile I am just hoping for one of my friends to get married sooooon!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Trousseau Affair at Kalighata

Okay, so I am finally back with a new post after a long long time, though unintended but this break was much needed. I could rant endlessly about everything possible but then everyday of your life teaches you something new and I am glad it has taught me a lot of it. 

Anyway, lets not get there and move on to today's post. Have you ever been through the dilemma of choosing an outfit for a wedding?! I surely have and I am glad I came across this amazing designer store KALIGHATA ( located in Salt Lake City, Kolkata ) which caters to all wedding outfit needs. If you are the bride to be or have a wedding to attend, expect an array of beautiful outfits to take you aback. Every piece is gorgeous and it's definitely going to leave you speechless. 

I picked out few outfits which I loved, paired them with some stunning pieces of jewelry from MUKUT JEWELS, Kolkata  and created this look-book for all the Brides To Be. And if you  have a wedding to attend this post is a Bonus!!! 


Sangeet is such an event where you just want to roam around carefree without having to manage those heavy outfits through out! With all the dancing that takes place on the Sangeet day an ideal  outfit would be one which is easy to carry but classy at the same time. I chose this Red gown for the sangeet night. It's minimal, just the way I like it to be and screams classy. I love the funky embellishments on the sleeves  and just a little bit of it on the neckline. The slight drape across the shoulder makes it stand out all the way more.


Okay, so this one is specifically for the brides to be. I love lehengas TBH and I really cannot get over this one right here. The skirt is slightly on the darker side of red which I love and with the intricate gold details on it, it is something to envy. The golden lace blouse and the blush pink dupatta is kept minimal to match the skirt and keep it in sync.


I love sarees and I always prefer wearing them to the weddings that I've got to attend. This saree right here is something which I would generally pick. I added an embroidered cape with golden tassels and the outfit happened to look spectacular. If you have a wedding to attend this piece is a must have!!

I hope you liked the post. I promise to be back with another post super soon, till then let me know your thoughts about this post and also your idea about the perfect D-day outfit! 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Wanderlust with Desi Lantern

It's amazing to get to experience certain things in life. With my profession its awesome how I get to experience something new and interesting each time. This time around I had the opportunity to witness and experience something ultra. When craving for a long vacation anything and everything lustful excites you and especially when everything is themed as Wanderlust what's not to love. The Bloggers Meet hosted by Desi Lantern was grand. The moment I entered the location I was completely mesmerized by the set up and the decor. There was nothing that I couldn't stop staring at and appreciating. Themed as "WANDERLUST" it was amazing on how the duo Priti Agarwalla and Sunaina Agarwal stayed true to the theme. Everything from the decor to the lip smacking cuisines from various parts of the world spoke wanderlust.The best part was that the duo picked up most of the pieces personally when travelling and this very fact left me awestruck. When you do something, you do it with passion and this is exactly what they do. You have witnessed yourself on how amazing they are in what they do. 

Briefing you further about the founder duo of DESI LANTERN::

Priti Agarwalla and Sunaina Agarwal are one such duo who chose a completely unconventional and a creative career path. A path less trodden upon, one of those rare individuals who would not settle for the mundane.  They followed their instincts and took a giant leap. A leap which would lead to new experiences, inspirations and to the creation of Desi Lantern – a bespoke wedding &events design company.
It is this constant urge to create that keeps Priti and Sunaina trying to push the boundaries and produce interesting and innovative designs for their events. In a world that changes constantly, they are inspired by anything and everything, may it be a song, an object, a colour or a texture.

Instilled with a deep repertoire of knowledge and skills, Priti and Sunaina are truly enterprising entrepreneurs with an eye for unique and remarkable designs, which would mesmerize one and all.

What started out as designing birthday cards for her kids soon turned into a full time venture called “Little Do’s” that decorated and stylised kid’s birthday parties and small gatherings. Realising the potential & success in the market, “Little Do’s” then metamorphosed into a bespoke Wedding Design & Events company called ‘Desi Lantern’. Priti’s inherent creative abilities have armed her to innovatively transform ordinary spaces into dream-like signature spaces that Kolkata has come alive to.
She defines her design aesthetics as uncluttered, sophisticated and grounded deeply in creativity. Priti’s love for intricate detailing and maintaining authenticity in design has earned her many accolades from the crème-de-la-crème of the city.
Sharing her partner’s vision for the company, she too believes that being able to enjoy complete artistic freedom would pave the way to achieve greater successes and help them to utilise their creative abilities to the fullest.
Being a Commerce graduate from Sri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi, Priti was always attracted to design and décor. Intrigued by the ability to create something beautiful was the only reason that drew Priti to this industry.

Rooted deep into creativity with a knack for the handmade, Sunaina’s designing prowess surfaced at her daughter’s birthday party where her designing abilities gained much admiration and got her requests for décor styling from friends and family. Her inherent artistic sensibilities led her to eventually co-found “Little Do’s” and subsequently ‘Desi Lantern’ with her partner, Priti Agarwalla in 2015.
She believes in clean & bold design patterns and personally loves the use of geometric designs with a generous dose of colour blocking. When in doubt, flowers save her day and she loves to team them up with light structures to create interesting styling patterns. Her penchant for great detailing and personal presence at every event, big or small has made her a name to reckon with in the city’s design circle.
A graduate in B Com Hons from Jadavpur University, Sunaina loves to travel and explore different designs and concepts. When not designing wedding/events she loves to paint and listen to music to unwind.

The perfect blend of Sunaina’s artistic sensibilities and Priti’s design aesthetics puts Desi Lantern among Kolkata’s most influential wedding and event décor design companies.

Brand Profile

Desi Lantern

Desi Lantern, a brand which has been initiated with the aim to provide bespoke services in the realm of wedding décor & event design. The brand designs, creates and customizes events with uniqueness beyond expectation. Following the mantra ‘why be ordinary when you can be extra-ordinary’ they design tirelessly to create experiences & environments special and unique for each of their clients. From weddings and birthday parties to announcements and baby showers, special anniversary celebrations and children's parties, every event they shape has been commended for being striking and inimitable. Varying from the dynamic youth of now to homemakers, design connoisseurs and corporate houses and brands, it caters to a wide array of customers with a varied spectrum of tastes and preferences, and a keen eye for aesthetics and design.

Behind the creation of Desi Lantern lies the hard work and determination of the power-packed entrepreneur partners Priti Agarwalla & Sunaina Agarwal. Together they walked the untraded path steering away from the ordinary to do what their hearts desired, which was simply to create and to innovate.The duo started off designing kid birthday parties and small gatherings under the brand name of “Little Do’s”. Buoyed by their initial success and sensing a lack of bespoke décor services in the city, they eventually forayed into wedding design and rechristened the company as ‘Desi Lantern’. Since then, the duo has been at the helm of setting designer décor trends for the city to follow and have become a household name in opulent wedding design. The minds at Desi Lantern work with all elements at hand by customizing the elements of each event’s surroundings and molding these elements into their customer’s vision with balance, color, light and texture. Before one’s eyes, one can witness the fabrication of their thoughts put into form & evolve into a spectacular award-winning presentation by Desi Lantern.As artists, their designs are truly unique. They strive to curate that have not been done before and love to put their own twist & touch on different styles. 
Having been in the business for almost 7 years, Desi Lantern prides itself in ‘designing celebrations’ and creating magical and memorable moments for its esteemed clientele. They bring to the table a gamut of specialised services like couture weddings, quirky installations, exhibition décor, trousseau packing, event invitations, packaging and the likes.
The name itself speaks of the duo’s design aesthetic; ‘Desi’ and ‘Lantern’ describes the use of modern materials to create forms/themes relevant to Indian traditions & festivities. They love to play with floral, geometry, colours, glass, metal, fabrics and have a knack for clean and bold designs. Hence, in reality the brand is probably the only event design company in the city which upholds its promise to remain sacrosanct to creating & designing events, which are truly original.
Desi Lantern works closely with customers to provide a tailored event that meets each individual’s style, taste and expectations. Driven by a sense of passion and deep professionalism, they effectively and artistically cater to the distinct needs of their clientele ensuring that each piece of art or ornamentation included in the design space ingeniously adds to the theme of the occasion. From recreating a master chef- like set for a 6 year old’s birthday party to creating structural figures with flowers, dry materials and jewellery to installing a functional barrel for a wine-stomping session they make every décor theme look as authentic as possible.
With a penchant for minute details and exclusivity for each project they have moulded exhibitive spaces in popular Kolkata-based exhibitions like The Enchanted Garden, Fuss and Stylefile.
Desi Lantern offers (but is not limited to) the following services:
  • Event Design (Wedding/Occasions/Baby Showers)
  • Full Event Production
  • Floor Plan Layouts
  • Floral
  • Draping
  • Linen
  • Custom Linen
  • Bespoke Furniture
  • Carpeting
  • Lighting, Projection and Video Mapping
  • Dance Floors
  • Table Detailing (monogrammed napkins, napkin rings etc.)
  • Event invitations
  • Customized Packaging (Trousseau Packaging)
Desi Lantern is on a mission to set new benchmarks in the event décor planning and designing arena in the city and beyond in the time to come. 

For media related queries: