Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Perfect Pimple Fix!

How terrifying can it be to see a pimple pop up on your face a day before something really important?!  Honestly as a kid I didn’t really care about anything red popping on my face overnight but as I grew up anything of that sort freaked me out. Though I don’t really get a pimple easily maybe because I have a combination skin, but when I do it is definitely a harsh one. It is so painful that I almost am on the verge of knocking it off my face but then obviously I don’t because of the repercussions. Also the fact that I get it on weird parts of my face is unbelievably annoying. Like who gets a pimple on the tip of their nose? Oh well, I do! Now can you understand how terribly annoying it is? I never really knew about anything that I could reach out to get rid of this trauma. I literally waited for almost a week to let it vanish on its own earlier. But now I don’t have that sort of time. I go crazy and need to get rid of it like asap. But I've got the perfect fix just about time.

I’d really like to thank Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash for this instance. It's soap free herbal formulation is so gentle on the skin and works super effectively on the pimples.  I just apply it twice a day and spoof my pimple vanishes. Imagine! The kind of stubborn pimple that I get just vanishes in a day. And now since I have a schedule to work according to I cannot waste a day crying over mere pimples. So since almost a year, I make it a point to use it at least thrice a week to avoid pimples. And trust me it has worked wonders. If you too are troubled because of nothing else but pimples give this Purifying Neem Face Wash by Himalaya Herbals a try. I bet you wouldn't reach out for anything other than this ever after!