Tuesday, 19 July 2016

All about comfort

When the streets are a mess around this time of the year, obviously because of the monsoons I tend to sulk at home.  I like to watch the rains tugged inside a rug with a cup of hot chocolate ideally but when you’ve got to move your ass because you’ve made prior commitments and are ultimately left with no other option than to suit up that is when I lose my capacity of thinking. I have always preferred comfort over anything. And when the weather is this gloomy I need to get my comfort on making it a point that the gloominess doesn’t kill my vibe!

 I am a sucker for slip-ons. It is my most sought after option on days when I really want to dress up but also drown myself in casuals. I have been loving PRESA for their unconventional collection of flats/slip-ons. I have been swearing by my pairs of presa since the day I’ve got my hands on them. If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Facebook you’ve probably seen my posts wearing them fabulous Presa flats. They are so comfortable and light weight with an amazingly soft upper sole. The designs are so unique that you really can’t settle down with one of their pairs. Every pair is unique and some even portray your mood on certain days.  Here I’ve paired this asymmetrical side draped number with these cool pair of metallic shady black and gold flats. It adds the right amount of jazz and bling to the outfit without making it look overdone. If you are as moody as I am and are really particular about dressing up your mood you are going to get some serious therapy here. So log on to and treat your soul with some “Won’t burn holes on your pocket” kinda therapy!

Dress: Thrifted, Slip-ons: PRESA

Images: Tanayesh


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