Saturday, 25 June 2016

Go Glam

When it comes to shoes I tend to be very choosy. The design, the texture and the color that suit my need appeal to me the most. But comfort is something which has always been my foremost priority. I try avoiding sky high pencil heels as much as possible. I am more comfortable wearing sneakers or flats and run errands whenever needed. I tend to stick to pencil heels which aren’t too high and are comfortable to move around in. I have been loving block heels lately. The fact that they are so comfortable to move around in have made me fall in love with them like literally. It is really difficult for one to get a certain pair of shoes which serves their purpose as well as make them feel like they own the world when walking with those on.

I came across TALONS D'OR few days back and the whole idea of designing my own pair of shoes intrigued me. I thought of giving it a shot instantly. The shoe designing procedure was super easy. I knew what I needed so that made everything completely hassle free. I was looking for a pair of court shoes but with block heels instead. The site had so many options for textures and colors that I was tempted to design different pairs of different textures and colors. I somehow managed to control my craving for all things fancy. I finally settled down for this pair and I am in complete awe. It is so comfortable to walk in and its looks all sorts of classy. I chose to omph up the heels with a dash of glitter on the heels. I created this look around the heels. I paired a high neck top with a pair of trousers which has a fall of Jodhpuris around the upper part. I loved how all things looked proportional and there you have another all black outfit with a hint of glam of-course!

Log on to TALONS D'OR and start designing your dream pair right about now!


Heels: TALONS D'OR , High Sheer Neck top: Forever New , Pants: Thrifted

Images: @chobigrapher

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