Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Some Lovin'

I have been all over the place for quite some time now but I've also learnt how to gather myself in this process. It's so good to finally see the changes you had planned to fall into place. The changes are obviously positive which I've been experiencing and I'm honestly really happy that it happened. Also there are certain people in my life who have gradually helped me grow. Out of them the one person who never gave up on me is my boobear Jibran. If you've been following me on Instagram you might have spotted me posting pictures of us together so you must have got a rough idea already. Not everyday do you come across such people who give more power to you than you've rather expected. But this man never puts me down. Obviously Valentines' Day is days away and you might be wondering that this might be the reason why I'm bragging about my relationship! But it's not really the way you think. According to me if you are in love and totally into each other you don't really need a special day to celebrate it. Everyday is a special day and everyday is meant to make new memories. Jibran and I have been together for quite some years now and I'm glad we've got this far. Though he's sailing around the world for months and we hardly even get a chance to talk ( trust me it gets devastating at times) but we've somehow sunk into the whole thing and have managed to keep the spark alive. It's important to find a best friend in your man. Someone who supports you mentally and backs you up. A strong personality who keeps you going, understands you the best and also lets you live your dream by being a vital part of it. He acts a little difficult at times and I guess every guy does at times but then it all depends on how you see it. It does get a little frustrating to handle things at times but overcoming them is an act of great ordeal which when you've excelled at you have grown in your relationship. And that is how my relationship with Jibran has been like. And I'm grateful to have known him because he is my one and only!

Coming to the outfit I've created a date night look. I've created the whole look to complement my Ziveg swarovski studs. This stud ear piece is so classic yet charming. It's so much into minimalism but adds so much to your whole look, I put together a white dress with my golden strappy heels. I pulled my hair back to a twisted crown to let these pretty Ziveg studs to grab the limelight. If you plan to gift something to your loved one you should literally go check their website right now. All their designs are so unique and classy. The sterling silver finish with the swarovski stones is what wins hearts over. Also if you plan on gifting yourself with something alongside go for the couple bands. They range from Infinity to Promise to Forever bands and they are like the cutest thing ever. And guess what they are on discount right now so you can totally splurge.You can see their entire collection on their website. Get splurging and make your significant half happy. It's the cutest thing you could do for your partner this V-day. Show some love because happy are the souls that are in love,

                      Swarovski Studs- ZIVEG (buy here), Dress- SR Store (buy here)


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