Friday, 29 January 2016


There are times when you just want to stay at home all cuddled up with a cup of coffee, mesmerized by the sunlight peeping through the window and feeling good about yourself. No ones at a high all the time. It isn't necessary that you have to go through some sort of pain and there's no pain as such but you'd rather want to spend some time alone trying to figure out the positive changes in yourself and also planning about the future. When you're sailing far in thoughts sighting any pretty thing brightens you up and you're mind is more positive than ever. I don't know if that ever happens to you but it definitely does happen with me. 

The days when I am lazy to move my bum I prefer my morning coffee in this Souled Store mug because this exactly portrays my mind frame at that moment! The phone cover is super Rad too! It's like when I'm juggling between multiple tasks or I am romancing my couch because I am super lazy and someone comes up to me and asks me to do something which doesn't require to be done immediately I'd just point towards my phone cover because that's what my answer is! haha! I just might be the laziest person in the whole world. The frame is so much more motivational. This works so well for me when I am low and at times when my confidence comes crashing down (Period). The tee is just so cool for school. By this time you guys might really know what life is all about and also that certain people leave when they aren't meant to stay in your life anymore but yet life goes on and it certainly should. You need to be happy and keep going. Overcome every obstacle and hope for a better day tomorrow!

You can find so much more at The Souled Store. Something that suits every mood or something that would motivate you. If you are a TV series freak they have amazing tee's ,mugs and phone covers for you too. And guess what you can customize too.

Go find something that suits you best . You'll love it I assure you.


Saturday, 23 January 2016

Splurging in Plum Goodness

                                                                  SPLURGE HERE

Few days back I came across this amazing beauty brand which claims to be 100% Natural! Yes, you heard me right 100% natural and I had to try it to believe it. Plum Cosmetics is the first beauty brand in India that is totally Parabens free. Which means all of its products are organic and environment friendly. They produce products for every skin type be it dry, oily, combination or sensitive.

I chose to try their Wild Cherries and Kiwi range out of the other yum range of products. The products feel so good on your skin and the fragrance leaves you fresh through out the day. I tried their Luscious Body Lotion and Oh-so polished body scrub and it is amazing! The body scrub leaves your skin looking brighter, younger and feels Oh-so soft. The body lotion provides intense hydration to all skin types. It is apt for Indian weather and only a little amount of it works wonders on your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated through out the day and guess what it smells yummilicious!

Go check them out because hey they ship nationwide and have COD as their payment option as well along with other payment methods of-course.
Give it a try and do let me know which range did you go for and how you liked them.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Ft. Spot The Trend ( L o o k 2 )

I've been so caught up with work that I've hardly got time to shoot and work on blog posts. I try being active on my social networking sites by posting OOTDs and stuff but then I really feel the need to shoot! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram if aren't as yet for everyday posts. 
Getting back to the post the 1st look that I posted with Spot The Trend was more of classy and semi-formal-ishh. But the outfit that both of us decided for the second look was more of rad and powerful. Combat prints in anything is so intriguing. Whereas leather jackets have always been in trend and it goes with about everything. These pieces can transform any outfit in seconds! So subtle yet so rad. You can check out Spot The Trend's post to know what he thought about the entire look. This post was so much fun to work on. Meeting new people is a part of life and that is how things should be. It makes everything all the more interesting!

On me-

Denim: Zara, Denim Shirt: Mango, Leather Jacket: Vero Moda, Heels: Forever 21, Sunnies: Jack & Jones, On my lips: MAC Heroine

On Spot The Trend-

Denim: Levi's, Tee: FBloc Kolkata, Jacket: Asos, Sunnies: BFab